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Moveworks is designed to provide boutique style dance & movement sessions that work for you as a professional performing artist or for fun & fitness. Not only do we offer classes but we are also available to collaborate with you or your company on your next creative project.

Hire Moveworks to choreograph, stage or direct your next performance or event.

We aspire to inspire & get you moving with Moveworks!

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Moveworks is a dance & movement company in Melbourne catering to people of varying abilities. We incorporate a combination of classic & modern dance styles to keep each session fresh, engaging & motivating. Using techniques, movements & repertoire from genres including Musical Theatre, Jazz, Contemporary & Ballet, we help you learn new skills & refine existing ones. At Moveworks the art of dance is not only about training & working out the body but also the mind, enhancing your stamina both physically & mentally. We encourage a positive & explorative approach & our classes are a judgement free zone. Anything is possible at Moveworks; designed to bring your passion together with freedom of body & mind.

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Offering small class sizes equals more one-on-one support allowing us to build strong relationships & focus on individuals. We understand everyone requires different techniques & approaches to learning & improving their craft. We can help you access your strengths & improve your weaknesses – this is what we do! The classes we offer have been allocated to target your intention, catering for both professional performers as well as those adults wanting to dance for fitness & fun. We have the experience & the knowledge to get your body moving! Get focused on YOU in a creative, supportive environment & be the best you can be with the assistance of Moveworks.



Creative Director Leanne Marsland has a wealth of experience when it comes to working with performers from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences & skills. With the conception of Moveworks in 2002, her skills have been used regularly throughout the last 14 years. Since graduating from the Ballarat Arts Academy with a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre in 2008, she has since gone on to perform professionally in both Australia & overseas. Her credits also include a wide variety of choreography & staging of various musicals, events & cabarets.

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Our dance & movement classes are specifically tailored to cater to individuals of various skill levels & training. We offer specialized sessions for the professional performer (predominately the Actor/Singer), those ready to study & pursue a career as a professional, & for adults looking to unleash their inner dancer by moving & grooving at our beginner & intermediate classes. We also offer private sessions by appointment only for audition preparation & practice, including Tap.

We help you learn new skills & refine existing ones.


For those already established or just embarking on a career in the entertainment industry, we offer customized small group & individual sessions designed to enhance & improve your current skill set.  Our main objective is to work together to discover the most constructive process that works for you & to bring out the best in your performance style. We focus on the physical & the mental stamina required to get you a step ahead of the rest!

Sessions on offer


Have you always wanted to start dancing or hope to get back to it? We offer both beginner & intermediate sessions for you to get your groove on in a fun & friendly environment. Never danced before? No worries! Our classes will not only improve your dance & movement technique, but also build your confidence, & increase your flexibility & overall fitness level. Bring a positive energy to your working week with Moveworks!

Sessions on offer

**In the interest of your health & safety please be sure to pick the right class for your level. If you have any questions at all please refer to our Contact Us page & Terms & Conditions.

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2 Classes in one day - get the 2nd class for $20.
Block 5
$22 per session - 90 Mins each
Block 10
$18 per session - 90 Mins each
Block 20
$15 per session - 90 Mins each


2 Classes in one day - get the 2nd class for $15.
Block 5
$18 per session - 60 Mins each
Block 10
$16 per session - 60 Mins each
Block 20
$14 per session - 60 Mins each

For the Professional:

FREE initial one-on-one consultation offered.

Sit down with us and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals for the future and what you would like to work towards moving forward in your career as a professional performer.

          **Private sessions available upon request $100 per 1hr | $80 per 3/4hr | $60 per 1/2hr. Studio Hire additional.

Workshops with various industry professionals will be priced accordingly.

Schedule & Bookings

* Pricing & session times are subject to change. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.


Hire us to choreograph, stage & direct small to large-scale shows & events. Moveworks has the qualifications, knowledge & wealth of experience to assist individuals, companies, universities & schools to create the best result for you!


We have helped create full-scale musicals & live entertainment for a large range of companies. Specialising predominately in choreography & staging, Moveworks can assist in the development of your productions while building a strong working relationship & creative process with you & your colleagues. With our guidance, together we can successfully produce the professional result that your company expects. Get in touch to find out more about what we can do for you!

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Do you have a cabaret show, small-scale concert or event that requires staging? We have a broad range of experience working with artists on many projects from a variety of performance backgrounds & genres. From choreography, stylized movement & direction through to script editing, staging & lighting cues, Moveworks can assist you from page to the stage. Call us to set up your first production meeting!

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Moveworks has been contracted by Arts universities & schools since 2002 to choreograph & stage musicals, concerts, events & dance workshops.  Past projects have involved all ages, both junior & senior & inclusive of students of all different levels & abilities. We are equipped with years of experience working alongside professionals in the field of arts & education. Contact Moveworks to make an appointment to discuss your next creative project – we come to you!

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Moveworks look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions at all regarding our classes or any other aspect of what we have to offer, please get in touch.

Call us on: 0414 954 215

The art of dance is not only about training the body, but also the mind.

Schedule & Bookings


A small selection of images from shows choreographed, directed & performed by Leanne Marsland at Moveworks.